Paws '2' Sew - All Your Teddy Bear Supplies

.......Just Think of the Paw-Sew-Bilities!!

Hi and Welcome to Paws '2' Sew

Paws '2' Sew was opened in  January 2005 after our regular Teddy Bear Supply Shop closed.

We are Sharon and Jane, we have been friends for a long time - to long to mention.  We also work together during the day at out regular jobs and have Paws '2' Sew open evenings and weekends.

We started making bears in 2001 when a fellow bear maker was asked to teach a class for a bunch of friends.  On a Saturday at Sharon's house 8 ladies got together to learn the art of Bear Making.  From 9am until 9pm - marathon bear making - we each went home with our creations!!!  Some of us had a lot of sewing abilities and then there were some who had NO sewing abilities - Jane!!!   Sharon and Jane put bear making aside for a few years and then in 2003 decided to take it up again.  Sharon makes bears for family and friends and Jane started to create her own designs in 2004 and now sells her bears on e-bay, Bid 4 Bears and on her website  In November 2004 we decided to open up our own home based Teddy Bear Supply Shop and Paws '2' Sew was born! 

We have a wonderful customer base and enjoy meeting new people and of course creating bear enthusiates.  Bear making is addicting and don't let anyone tell you its not!!!

We have a very wide variety of supplies from Schulte and Hembolt Mohair, French Velour and of course those wonderfully soft Synthetic Fabrics.
And don't forget all the other supplies, Joints, Eyes, Ultra Suede, Needles, Patterns etc!

We hope you enjoy our website and please stop in if you are in the area.  It's always nice to meet new people and come along one evening or weekend and sit and sew - the coffee is always on!

Jane & Sharon